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Commercial Fishing

Commercial Fishing is the catching of fish and other sea products with the aim of making a profit. This refers mainly to produces caught in the wild and not aquaculture.In the last few decades, commercial fishing has become very efficient as fish finder gets more sophisticated, boats are able to travel further out to sea, stays longer out there and more importantly fishing nets and other gears became more and more effective.
Fishing methods varies amongst area with the more common method being Longline, Trawling, purse seine and gill nets.

LONGLINE FISHING uses a main line, branch line (snoods), swivels and hooks.A main line can be extended for several kilometers depending on the size of the fishing boat. Branch line will be attached to the main line at interval with a hook at the end. The hook will be attached to the branch line using a swivel.Thousands of hooks can be hung from a single line.Longline are normally placed near the surface or at the bottom.Longlines that are near the surface are called pelagic Longline. This method does not require an anchor and are set to drift. This aim to catch swordfish or tuna. Longlines that are set on ocean floor are called demersal longline. This method is anchored to seafloor and aim to catch cod or halibut.

Recommendation – Main Line: SHL Fishing line manufactured from top grade Japan raw material. Branch Line : SHL Fishing line manufactured and cut to actual length from top grade Japan raw materialSwivel : SHL top grade Swivel. Hooks : MUSTAD 23407 5/0. This is the best quality and most reliable hooks that fishermen uses for longline in Indonesia. This is specially tailored with Indonesia fishermen to cater to the need of Indonesia water.

TRAWLING is the method whereby a net is pulled behind one or more boat. Trawling that are done by two boats are called pair trawling. The shape of the trawl net is normally funnel shape. A trawler varies from small boat to large boat with factory within.There are two main types of trawling mainly pelagic trawling and demersal trawling. Pelagic trawling takes place when the net is pulled along free water; not touching or near the surface or bottom. It aims to catch fishes like anchovies, shrimps, tuna and mackerel.Demersal trawling is commonly known as bottom trawling. It is one of the most widely used industrial fishing methods around the world. It involves towing a large net across the seabed targeting the species that live on the sea bottom.

Recommendation – Polyethylene Net : As mesh size and diameter varies, always trust FIGHTING LOBSTER brand of Polyethylene net. It is manufactured used only virgin raw material and trusted to last much longer than other brands in the market.

GILL NETS are vertical sheets of nets placed in a straight line. Fishes caught this way normally have their gills caught when they try to swim past the net. They can also be caught when the net wrapped around its body or when its teeth or other parts of its body get caught. Both the latter situation are rarer.Gill nets, when used correctly is one of the most effective and cost effective method of catching fish. Fishermen places strong emphasis on the diameter, mesh sizes, meshes deep and length of net when adopting this method of commercial fishing.Gillnet is held up by an upper line with floats and weighted down by a lower line with weights.

Recommendation – SHL supplies gillnets of different quality to suit the needs of different fishermen. We have the top end brand of GOLDFISH, High Mid range of SHL and normal range of FIGHTING LOBSTER nettings to cater to different requirements. For in depth understanding of our brands, please visit “brands”.

PURSE SEINE is a large net designed to encircle school of fishes. Purse seine is the method whereby a net is hang vertically with its bottom held down by weights and floats to hold it up at the top. It works like a drawstring purse. When the rope is pulled, the net will close up and encircled the fishes within it. This technique is normally employed close to the surface and so it does not come into contact with the ocean floor and does not cause any damage to any living things at the seabed.It starts with the release of a small boat. This Boat will hold one end of the net and encircle the herring school as the net is released into the water. When its done, the rope will be pulled up capturing all the fishes when the net get drag up.This is very suitable for schooling fish.This aims to catch fishes like sardines, anchovies and mackerel.

Recommendation – Nylon Knotted Net /Nylon Raschel Net : GOLDFISH brand of net is manufactured using only virgin raw material from Japan. Special technology is employed to make the net softer and last longer than other net in the market.