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“Whichever part of Southeast Asia you may be located at, there is a high chance that the net or ropes that you use is from SHL

Sinhonly Fish Nets Pte Ltd, commonly known as SHL was established on December 1982. We are primarily a Business to Business (B2B) company. We supply only to wholesaler who in turn sell to fishermen or small distributors.

When SHL first started, we supply mainly to Singapore and Indonesia. We supply mainly Nylon Net, Polyethylene Net and ropes to these places.

SHL slowly expanded its product range to include Hardware and accessories so as to become a one stop marine centre for all up and coming commercial fishing company who is keen to enter this industry.

As years pass, SHL expanded rapidly with distributors in many provinces of Indonesia’ spanning from Medan to Jakarta to Sulawesi. With these distribution points, SHL became a household name in the industry. Everyone in the industry will have used or know about our brands/products.

Our close relationship with our distributors also allows us to respond swiftly to any market changes and fend off any competition that may surface. SHL also work closely with our agents to design marketing plan to help them increase their sales.

SHL always believe in consistently providing high quality products at the most competitive prices and with this belief, its reputation have travelled far and wide through words of mouth of satisfied customers. With this business philosophy in mind, our clienteles have increased and is increasing rapidly to allow SHL to grow to become the leading supplier of fishing equipments in the Southeast Asia region within a very short period of time.

Today, SHL has officially extended its foray into the international market. Our business philosophy remains unwavering as SHL strive to provide the world fishing industry with top commercial fishing equipments at the most competitive price possible.

Being one of the largest providers of marine equipments in Southeast Asia, SHL taps on its vast experiences and extensive contacts, accumulated over the years, to ensure that our products are priced most competitively without any compromise on quality.